Annual Fall Plant Fundraiser

Fall Plant Fundraiser You’re invited to our annual Fall Plant Fundraiser — with pre-order and scheduled pickup! While we would love to see you all in person, this year we’re supporting our North Austin gardeners with a socially-distant-friendly… Read More

Double, double soil and trouble

Late summer through early fall is a hard time to garden in Austin. If your summer plants are struggling and using more water than they are producing yields, it’s a good idea to start considering your fall and… Read More

Pollination Basics

Last year I didn’t have any luck with the Brussels sprouts I planted over the winter and I wondered if it was because I covered my garden in the winter, thereby preventing the plants from being pollinated? I… Read More

Companion Planting

Ever wondered why so many gardeners have marigolds in their beds? Not only do they deter deer, they are commonly used as companion plants. Companion planting is a method favored by organic gardeners that involves planting different crops… Read More

Sweet Greens

Last year, I grew sweet potatoes for the first time. They are easy to propagate, low maintenance and produce beautiful leafy vine like leaves and purple flowers. My neighbor told me you could eat the potato greens but… Read More