The Adelphi Acre Community Garden, located at the intersection of Adelphi Lane and Amherst Drive in North Austin, is an all-volunteer organic growing cooperative dedicated to locally-sourced, fresh food and sustainable, community-based agriculture.

AACG is dedicated to bringing sustainable agriculture to the North Austin area. To reach this goal, we strive for the following:

  • Provide opportunities for local residents to garden and grow organic crops.
  • Promote, educate, and disseminate information about safe, sustainable, and local food production and organic gardening techniques.
  • Beautify the neighborhood and provide social gathering space and landscaping that incorporates native and adapted, drought-tolerant plants.
  • Provide opportunities for youth groups to take part in ‘hands-on’ learning about sustainable food, healthy lifestyles, and nutrition.
  • Give back to the community by participating in programs that set aside a portion of the harvest for community food banks in need of local, unprocessed foods.

What is a community garden?

A community garden is a public space where individuals have the opportunity to rent a plot of land for a year long lease in order to grow their own vegetables, fruits, perennials or non-invasive plants of choice. This will provide an opportunity for local residents to garden in a social setting, share tools, resources, common area responsibilities, as well as organize social activities that will strengthen our neighborhood identity and build a greater sense of community.

We envision this garden and common area to be a shared social hub for the surrounding Walnut Crossing and Milwood neighborhoods, as well as nearby residents who are seeking an opportunity to grow local, organic food with sustainable methods.  In the process we hope to strengthen a sense of community and work together with those who share our values and social ethics. These include a passion for sustainable agriculture practices, civic responsibility to those in need, and education opportunities about the nutritional benefits of diets that include the organic and locally sourced foods.

Our garden is partnering with the Austin Parks Foundation, and is permitted and endorsed by the City of Austin’s Sustainable Urban Agriculture and Community Garden Program (SUACG).  We participate in the Spread the Harvest program by maintaining communal plots of vegetables that are harvested for a local food bank.  We also maintain plots specifically for children so that we can offer hands-on learning opportunities.  Children are encouraged to plant the seeds that will be maintained by the garden. and are invited back throughout the season to tend their plants and to harvest and take home the results of their efforts.

For more information on the guidelines that we are following, please refer to the City of Austin’s Garden Permit Application.