General Information

What is expected of plot holders?

Visit the Resources area of our website to view information on AACG Bylaws and Maintenance Guidelines.

How much does it cost to lease a plot?

As of January 1, 2022, a 4′ x 12′ plot will cost $40 per year and an 8′ x 12′ plot will cost $60 per year.

Are there any plots available?

We currently have a waiting list. Please sign up at Join Our Plot Wait List if you’d like to be added.

How long is the wait list?

Plots are leased out on a yearly basis beginning in January and ending in December.  Plots can be renewed year to year or released in December.  Plots that exhibit documented lack of maintenance can enact the abandonment policy and result in the revocation of a member’s plot. Documented instances of garden rule violations and failure to complete required service hours can also result in revocation of a members plot.  Aside from these instances plots, only become available if a member voluntarily releases their plot for personal reasons.

Can I become a member without leasing a plot?

Yes. Non-gardening memberships will be available for $10 per year to consultants, master gardeners, and volunteers. Non-Gardening Members will be given priority invitations to workshops, classes, and events as well as access to the shared communal garden plots.

What are the parameters for leasing a plot?

Plots are available to anyone over 18 years of age and are limited to one per household. Plots are reserved for residents who live within a 1.5 radius of the garden.

What happens if I go on vacation or can't get out to my plot for a week or two?

AACG members often make arrangements with nearby members for assistance when they are unable to care for their plots due to travel or health issues. Please let us know if you need assistance maintaining your plot for a short period of time.  We have contact with volunteers who can water and maintain your plot during your absence.

Can I paint/bedazzle/customize my bed?

No. Plots are leased on an annual basis and must be released to the new plot holder in their original condition. Paints and glues contain toxins that can be released into the soil.

Can I share a plot?

Yes. Plots can be shared by neighbors and/or friends that meet eligibility requirements and agree to and sign all agreements and releases. All gardeners must be listed on the Gardener’s Agreement.

Will there ever be chickens at AACG?

No. Our license agreement with COA, and in accordance with Section 25-2-7, B2 [Agricultural Uses Described] of City Ordinance 20110210-018, this tract which is ROW and managed by the Public Works Dept. is only permitted for the siting of a Community Garden. Therein described as [Sect. 25-2-7, B2:] COMMUNITY GARDEN use is the use of a site for growing or harvesting food crops or ornamental crops on an agricultural basis, by a group of individuals for personal or group use, consumption or donation.

AACG is not permitted as a site for the “…raising of animals or the production of animal products including eggs or dairy products, on an agricultural basis…”per same City Ordinance 20110210-018, Sect. 25-2-7, B1 [ANIMAL PRODUCTION].

What about honey bees?

Bees are a great addition to any garden and are already actively pollinating our plants.  AACG had originally hoped to provide a place for honey bees to call home right in the center of our very own Butterfly Garden, but alas, that is no longer possible as the garden is located on the ROW.

Who can I contact for more information?

Please use the Contact Us form should you have any further questions.

Completing work hours at the Garden

How many work hours do I need to contribute each month?

Plot holders are required to complete two hours each month on community garden projects, stewardship teams and/or maintenance.

Where can I learn about stewardship teams?

Visit Garden Stewardship Teams or check the To Do List posted in the garden shed for information on how you can help.

How do I report my work hours?

Service hours can be recorded on the Report Service Hours page.

How many hours have I contributed?

Visit the Review Completed Service Hours page to find out how many hours you’ve fulfilled.


Can anyone work on the compost?

There is a team trained to work on the compost. If you would like to join, please contact compost@adelphiacre.org. Being part of this team counts towards your volunteer hours!

Where should I put my garden waste to be composted?

Garden waste may be placed in the compost area labeled “Garden Waste.” Please do not include any diseased or infested items; these should be removed from the community garden.

Can I add food waste to the compost bins?

Please do not add food waste to the compost bins. Food scraps are only accepted on workdays. Contact compost@adelphiacre.org for more information.

Where can I donate food scraps?

Food scraps are accepted on workdays only. Please bring them to anyone on the compost team or steering committee.

Where can I get soil for my plot?

Soil for your plot can be taken from the compost area labeled “Completed Compost.”