This temporary web page will be home to all pertinent election information and updates.

Update #1: Election announcement [11/10/17]

Update #2: Position Descriptions and Standards for Seeking & Holding Office [11/20/17]

Update #3: Nominations are open [12/04/17]


Adelphi Acre Community Garden will be holding its first Steering Council elections in January 2018. All primary plot holders in good standing are eligible to vote – that is 1 plot, 1 vote.

Please note the following important dates and mark your calendars:

  1. All position descriptions will be posted on the main garden Rally and on this website on November 19th.
  2. The nomination process will open from December 4th through December 20th.
  3. The field of eligible candidates will be posted on January 2nd, 2018.
  4. Voting will be open for 2 weeks to ensure that all plot holders are given sufficient time to cast their ballot. This will be from January 14th through January 27th.
  5. Results will be announced on or after January 27th.
  6. The new council will officially take office on March 1, after a brief transition period.

Thereafter, the following provisions from SECTION 8: MANAGING BODY OF ASSOCIATION of the Bylaws will take effect.

  1. The Steering Council members shall be elected annually at the Fall General Meeting and begin their terms no later than December 1st, such that the new council would be able to plan for the next spring planting.
  2. Steering Council members shall be elected for two-year terms.
    1. Odd numbered years: Steering Council Facilitator, Infrastructure Coordinator, Site Coordinator, Communications Coordinator, Education Coordinator, Steward Team Captains “A”
    2. Even numbered years: Plot Coordinator, Treasurer, Secretary, Outreach Coordinator, Events Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, Steward Team Captain “B”

Positions, nominating, and the voting process:

  1. Currently occupied positions will be so indicated. Members may choose to challenge or to confirm the current occupant [if they are running].
  2. Members may nominate another member or self-nominate for any position. Said member must be in good standing.
  3. If a member is nominated by another, the nominated member must confirm/acknowledge their consent.
  4. Candidates, whilst not obligated, are free to canvass for support, or express why they are putting themselves up for nomination.
  5. If a position is unfilled, the Steering Council may remedy that by seeking a volunteer, as prescribed in the Bylaws.
  6. As with voting, only one plot member is eligible to run.

At this time, the voting will be conducted via a secure, online portal. Registration invitations will be sent to the email address on file of the primary plot holder. Please make sure that your email is up to date with the garden leadership. The registration invitation will include your unique voter key. Additional details to follow.


Serving on the AACG Steering Council is voluntary. The Steering Council is responsible for the management of the garden and time on the council qualifies as service hours.  The Steering Council is acts and makes decisions as a group. For more information please be advised to read SECTION 8. MANAGING BODY OF ASSOCIATION of the gardens bylaws.

The duties outlined in the attachment below are meant to serve as a guide. There are some responsibilities that are inherently mandatory, but there is flexibility in execution based on any given circumstance. In addition, respective stewardship teams’ help to share the task load through delegation, as no coordinator can possibly accomplish everything on their own nor are they expected to.

Please review the following two documents for information on:

AACG Council Positions

Election Office Standards

Update #3: Nominations are open

The Call for Nominations is now open and we are seeking candidates for and/or confirming positions on the Steering Council. Deadline for nominations is December 20th.


Service on the Steering Council of AACG offers you a chance to help drive the decisions of our wonderful garden community and shape the future of the project. You may nominate a fellow member in good standing, or self-nominate.


When filling out the nomination form the following information is required:

1.     Nominee name

2.     Nominee plot number

3.     Nominee email address

4.     Nominee consent

5.     Nominee is familiar with position description


*To nominate, please fill out the form at this link:



Nominees – please note that you will be contacted after the nominations are closed to sign a declaration form and submit a brief bio and photo [so fellow members can put a face to your name]. Your bio and photo will only be shared internally with the garden membership.

Make lasting connections with fellow members, and the wider community of passionate and motivated urban gardeners – run, run, run!!!


*A separate form is required for each nominee.