Gardener’s Agreement

Gardener’s Agreement

All garden members and volunteers must print and sign/date the Gardener’s Agreement (PDF) before they will be allowed to work in the Adelphi Acre Community Garden.

Adelphi Acre Community Garden Gardener’s Agreement

All Gardeners agree to abide by the following:

1.  All Gardeners shall be treated with respect and courtesy. Verbally and physically abusive behavior will not be permitted or tolerated.

2.  Gardeners are required to control pest grasses and weeds and harvest produce in a timely manner. A garden plot is considered abandoned after two weeks without maintenance. Extended vacations should be discussed with Garden Coordinator, or arrangements otherwise made for care of plot.

3.  As a community garden, the emphasis is on the word community and all Gardeners are expected to assist at work days and contribute to common upkeep, maintenance and improvement.

4.  Plot holders are responsible for maintaining and weeding a 2 foot perimeter around their plot as part of general plot maintenance.

5.  All Gardeners are expected to contribute two hours per month of work on the common grounds, as coordinated by the Garden Coordinator.  This time does not include individual plot maintenance or required maintenance of the 2 foot (2′) perimeter surrounding the plot. Multi-hour work days can count toward several months of contributions. Gardeners who share plots with spouses, groups, etc. can assign any member of their party to meet the common work requirement. Examples of common work are:

  • Membership in the Steering Committee or Fundraising Committee
  • Compost Committee
  • Landscaping and planting in the common areas
  • Maintenance, construction and/or painting of structures, raised beds, etc.
  • Special projects as needed

6.  Smoking and chewing tobacco is prohibited. Tobacco carries the mosaic virus which is deadly to some plants.

7.  Dogs are not allowed in the garden due to health concerns and must be on leash outside of the garden and in the community area.

8.  Any Common tools used must be cleaned and returned to storage. If tools are damaged or lost due to neglect, the Gardener shall be responsible for cost of replacement or repair.

9.  No Genetically Modified / Genetically Engineered Seeds are allowed. Gardeners agree to obtain any seeds for planting from a list of approved sources or obtain permission in writing from the Garden Coordinator.

10.  No invasive species may be planted. Please ask if you are uncertain.

11.  Gardeners agree to pay annual Dues, for purposes of water and other recurring costs, of approximately $36 per year for a 4’x 12’ plot and $60 per year for a 10’ x 10’ plot. This amount varies year to year, as approved by a vote, but is due before a plot can be cultivated.

12.  Gardener’s Plot cannot be transferred to another person. All unplanted plots must return to the Association to be assigned to the next person on the list. However, Gardeners shall be allowed to exchange plots if mutually agreeable.

13.  Plots must be kept clear of pests and free of disease. If damaging insects or blights are discovered, they MUST be reported to the Garden Coordinator immediately. If infestations pose a threat to neighboring plots or the garden in general and lesser treatments fail, plants may need to be removed or destroyed.

14.  Plots and pots located in or on garden beds may not be painted, stained or altered. Paints can contain chemical and toxins that can leach into the soil and plots must be released in their original condition.

15.  Trees and bushes are not permitted. Agave, cacti, plants that spread by rhizome or aggressively are not permitted.

16.  Gardener agrees that he shall abide by majority votes of the Association, and shall endeavor to participate in votes and meetings to the best of his or her abilities. Furthermore, Gardener understands that he represents all parties of his plot in his vote, and receives only one vote regardless of the number of plots he tends.

17.  Gardener agrees to hold harmless the Association and its officers for any injuries or losses incurred on the site. Gardener understands that there may be bees and other insects as well as tools that may cause injury and accepts these risks. Moreover, the Association is not responsible for any personal property lost, stolen or damaged on the site unless a specific written agreement to that effect exists.

18.  Gardener is personally responsible for any persons, including minors, working on their plot, including any injuries to their person, or injuries or damage done by them to others. Gardener agrees to share all the terms of this agreement with anyone working on their plot.

19.  Grievances or disputes are to be brought to the Garden Coordinator, and if no resolution is possible, then parties agree to binding arbitration by the Chair of the Association.

City of Austin Property Management Requirements
(These rules are established by the City of Austin for all Community Gardens that reside on City Owned Property per page 12 of 15 of the Community Garden Information/Permit Packet)

20.  Watering systems that operate independently from the above ground faucets (e.g., systems on timers) are not permitted. Water restrictions and water conservation measures are to be followed. All hose end systems, such as drip lines ad soaker hoses must follow City water ordinances. Gardeners must remain on the property while watering, and keep water from running off their plot.

21.  To build and maintain healthy soil structure, gardeners will use compost, organic fertilizers, mulch and a rotation of plant varieties. Three inches of compost shall be maintained to prevent soil loss and compaction.

22.  All piles of mulch, soil and compost will be contained to prevent runoff and sedimentation.

23.  Gardeners will maintain an effective composting system so garden waste can become usable compost to help maintain soil structure and fertility.

24.  No chemical treatments of herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides and no synthetic fertilizers are allowed.

25.  Common garden supplies acquired for the garden, such as mulch, soil amendments, tools are not to be removed from the site.

26.  The use of chemically treated wood (i.e. wolmanized, or Pressure-Treated wood) is not allowed. These products contain arsenic, hexavalent chromium and other toxic substances, which may leach into the soil.

27.  Garden curfew is between 10 PM and 5 AM.

28.  No alcohol, illegal substances, or glass containers are allowed on community garden property.

29.  No driving on the site except to unload gardening items, or for brush pick-up and mulch deliveries, or by city vehicles.

30.  Gardeners may not dig trenches around the perimeter of their plots and should not extend their garden dimensions.

31.  Any structures must be approved by the City.

32.  Animal enclosures must be approved by the City, including bee hives/frames and chicken coops/tractors.

33.  All lawn areas within the community garden boundaries that are outside of the garden plots are to be kept mowed.

34.  A Community garden is considered abandoned if left unattended for more than four (4) weeks. Notices shall be sent to the Garden Site Coordinator and Community Garden Leadership Committee by City landowner department or SUACG Coordinator. (First notice sent out on week four (4), second notice sent week six (6). If abandoned, then the site is subject to having the license agreement terminated, and being decommissioned as a Community Garden.

Failure to abide by these rules may result in revocation of membership and all rights to the Plot.

Revised: August 7, 2015

Official Bylaws, Adelphi Acre Community Garden (PDF)
Gardener’s Agreement, Appendix B (PDF)
Sponsored Garden Participant & Volunteer Liability Release, Appendix C (PDF)