• Fire Ant Treatment Sunday evening, August 12th at 7pm

    It’s time to treat the fire ants again. After careful research, consultation with, and endorsement by the COA’s Sustainable Urban Agriculture and Community Garden Program [SUACG], we are using the product  advocated by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension office. We… Read More

  • Don’t forget to harvest ripe produce or donate it

    Rotting fruit attracts rats and other pests. Let the donation team know if you have extra produce to donate. You can add a flag from the shed or send a note t the donation team on Rallyhood.  

  • Compost Rules

    PLEASE Follow the Compost Rules! Cut up large pieces No tomato plants – Bag it and take it home No diseased plants


Special Thanks!

Adelphi Acre Community Garden would like to thank our newest sponsor Hamlin Tree Care. Adelphi Acre Community Garden is pleased to announce a new fundraising opportunity graciously offered to us by Hamlin Tree Care….. Looking to have tree work… Read More

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