• sweetpotato

    Sweet Greens

    Last year, I grew sweet potatoes for the first time. They are easy to propagate, low maintenance and produce beautiful leafy vine like leaves and purple flowers. My neighbor told me you could eat the potato greens but… Read More

  • coffeebeans

    Coffee Talk

    Last month I wrote about the soil conditions at Adelphi acre, our “new” soil and additives to help improve the condition of the soil. One of these additives is the cheap, always around and overlooked used coffee grounds…. Read More

  • tomatoes_cropped

    Gardening Blues

    If you’re wondering why your new plants and seedlings, planted in the brand new, squeaky clean garden soil and relatively weed and pest free garden beds are not doing as well as you expected, you are not alone…. Read More



Special Thanks!

Adelphi Acre Community Garden would like to thank our Heritage Oak sponsors (City of Austin Community Partnering Program, Neal Charles Landscape Design, and CleanScapes Landscaping) for their generous donations.   For a complete listing of our contributors, visit… Read More

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